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How to buy cotton swabs for medical use?


Medical Cotton Swabs are usually in direct contact with the wounds of patients, which requires high requirements for sterilization.
In addition is for the production of cotton cotton absorbent raw materials choice, must choose in line with the national standards, industry standards of raw materials.
Still have the requirement that is right bar material quality, no matter be model bar, paper bar or wooden bar, should achieve regulation requirement, can bear certain external force to do not produce permanent change or break phenomenon.
Medical cotton swabs
There are various brands of clean cotton swabs in the supermarket on the market, the price varies a lot, some people may be greedy for cheap.

Medical cotton swabs
According to the report, the current market there are some inferior cotton swabs, raw material use similar "dirty" the foul after bleaching of cotton production, cotton for neat appearance but also with white latex, production site simply can not meet the hygiene standards, with this kind of material can not meet the standards of health and poor quality Cotton Swab to wipe the ear canal, not only cannot have clean effect, may lead to illness aggravating instead.
So, advise everybody not to be too thrifty in this respect, buy the medical cotton swab that can be trusted to regular store.
Medical cotton swabs
The cotton swabs in the medicine cabinet should be sterile, not the cotton swabs found in ordinary supermarkets with cotton at each end.
The cotton swabs, which are wrapped in cotton at each end, are not sterilized and are only suitable for ordinary cleaning, such as make-up.
There are two sources of sterile cotton swabs, one is a hospital, one is a pharmacy.
When buying cotton swabs, it is necessary to check whether the packaging bag is complete.
If the surface of the bag is not smooth, but rather concave-grained (indicating a strong squeeze), that means the bag may have been slightly damaged and the cotton swabs may have been contaminated with bacteria.

Cotton swabs from drugstores are mostly sealed in plastic bags.
The cotton swabs are sterilized with ethylene oxide gas and have a shelf life of 2-3 years.
When buying these sterile cotton swabs, be sure to check their production date and shelf life.

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