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Hunan Kangfutai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Hunan Kangfutai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.


Hunan Kangfutai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
About Us
Our warehouse is located in Hunan with 13 Our swabs have CE SGS certificates with excellent quality reasonable price and fashionable design in popular foreign and Chinese markets Our products are widely recognized and trusted and can meet the changing economic and social needs We are committed to providing high quality products and good service We strive to build long term All customers of the business

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Wiping Sticks And Cotton Swabs

Masks For Industrial Use


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SwabCleanmo Foam SwabBlack Handle SwabRayon Swab SticksFoam Swabs SampleSwab with AlcoholFoam Tipped SwabsOral Cotton SwabsPointed Foam SwabOral Swab Foam TipFlocked Nylon SwabHead Foam Tip SwabFoam Swab SterliedNylon Flocked SwabSurgical Face MaskESD Polyester SwabSterile Foam Swabsmedical flat masksOropharyngeal swabSterile Swab RayonCleanroom PP StickFoam Swabs WrappedFoam Cleaning SwabCotton Swabs RayonRed Oral Care SwabFoam Swabs 10 PackBlack PP Stick SwabBig Round Head SwabDust Free Foam Swabmedical cotton swabWhite Foam Tip Swabswab nasopharyngealSurgical face masksAnti Dust Face MaskLow Price Foam SwabFoam Cleaning SwabsNylon flocking swabLint Free Foam SwabCleanroom Foam SwabFoam Swabs PackagedRectangle Foam SwabClean Foam Tip SwabSterile Cotton SwabOpen-Cell Foam SwabOral Swab Drug TestSlot Polyester SwabOral Swab Oral SwabFoam Sharp Tip SwabDetailing Swab FoamSmall Foam Tip SwabBlack Foam Tip SwabCotton Tipped SwabsNasopharyngeal swabMedical Nasal SwabsOpen-Cell Oral SwabCompatible Foam SwabProtective Face MaskDisposable Oral SwabGood Price Foam SwabMedical Cotton SwabsLong Stick Foam Swabcosmetic cotton swabNasal and Oral SwabsNon-Toxic Rayon SwabCamera Cleaning SwabIndustrial Foam SwabLow Price Cotton BudSupply Foam Tip SwabHead Black Foam SwabAnti-Virus Face MaskProtection Face MaskMicro Head Foam SwabOpen-Cell Virus SwabSwabs Foam Gun SwabsCleanroom Foam StickIodophor cotton swabFree Samples PU SwabCleanrooom Foam SwabReusable Cotton BudsSoft Printer PU SwabDisposable Face MaskCleaningroom PU SwabCleanroom Foam SwabsOrdinary Cotton SwabReusable Cotton SwabSmall Round ESD SwabStick Foam Oral SwabFoam Tip Swab SticksRayon Swab with TubeFoam Tip Swab SterileClean Room Foam SwabsCleanroom Foam Sticks3mm Cleanroom PU SwabLong Handle Foam SwabFoam Swabs Individual165mm Long Foam SwabsFoam Swab ApplicatorsDouble Head Foam SwabBlack Stick Foam SwabSensor Cleaning SwabsGeneral Foam Tip SwabMicro Head Foam StickFoam Cotton WholesalePrinter Cleaning SwabCleaning Swab Pu FoamDust Free Cotton SwabDouble Side Foam Swabactivated carbon maskOrdinary cotton swabSampling Cotton Swabsmedical folding masksOptical Polyester SwabMedical surgical masksFree Samples Foam SwabDust Free Cotton SwabsFactory Price ESD SwabSample Collection SwabHot Sale Foam Tip SwabPacked Foam Swab StickDouble Heads Foam SwabFoam Swabs Ce ApprovedLaboratory cotton swabStick Sample Oral SwabFoam Tip Cleaning SwabKeybaord Cleaning SwabIndustrial Foam SticksLong Handle Foam SwabsSwab with Double HeadsBlack Pp Stick Pu SwabCleaning Foam Tip SwabSample Collecting SwabMedical Oral Care SwabTipped Cleanroom SwabsIndustrial cotton swabKeyboard Cleaning SwabDisposable cotton swabBlack Handle Foam SwabNasal Pharyngeal SwabsNasal Laboratory SwabsLow Price Foam Tip SwabCleanroom ESD Foam SwabPrice Pointed Foam SwabOpen-Cell Foam Tip SwabMicro Pointed Foam SwabBig Round Foam Tip SwabWholesale Foam Tip SwabFactory Price Foam SwabRectangle Foam Tip SwabGood Service Foam 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SwabIndustrial Foam Tip SwabFlexible Head Foam SwabsSmall Round Cotton SwabsDouble Head Foam Tip SwabBig Round Head Foam SwabsFoam Cleaning Swab WoodenCotton Swab Foam CleaningBamboo Cleaning Foam Swab3mm Printer Cleaning SwabBig Round Head Foam StickDisposable ABS Stick SwabCompatible Black PP StickOpen-Cell Round Oral SwabLow Price Black Foam SwabLow Price Cleanroom SwabsWhite Open-Cell Oral SwabWhite Open-Cell Foam SwabMulti purpose cotton swabSponge Head Foam Tip SwabTX757 Cleanroom Foam SwabBreakable Foam Virus SwabIndustrial Polyester SwabCompetitive Foam Tip SwabCleanroom Black Foam SwabElectronics Cleaning SwabFactory Direct Rayon SwabGeneral Purpose Foam SwabHigh CleaningFoam Tip SwabN95 Respiratory ProtectionBlack Handle Cleaning SwabKeyboard Pointed Foam SwabSoft Printer Cleaning SwabRayon Swab Aluminium ShaftHandle Cleanroom Foam SwabFree Samples Foam Tip SwabPrinter Cleaning Foam SwabRectangle Foam Wiper StickSwab Polyurethane Foam TipWholesale PP Foam Tip SwabDouble 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SwabDirect Printer Cleaning SwabRigid PP Stick Foam Tip SwabPrinthead Cleaning Foam SwabPointed Cleanroom Foam StickSmall Sample Collecting SwabSample Collecting Rayon SwabSpiral Pointed Foam Tip SwabSwab Cotton Sterilized RayonHead Cleanroom Foam Tip SwabGreen Sample Collecting SwabLow Price Cleanroom Foam SwabFree Samples Foam Tipped SwabFactory Price Small Foam SwabDust-free Cleanroom Foam SwabGray PP Stick Black Foam SwabDust Free Rectangle Foam SwabRectangle Cleanroom Foam SwabLow Price Rectangle Foam SwabHot Sale Industrial Foam SwabOpen-Cell Rectangle Foam SwabLow Price Pointed Cotton SwabCleanroom Spiral Pointed SwabOpen-Cell Cleanroom Foam SwabCleanroom Black Foam Tip SwabRigid PP Industrial Foam SwabFlocked Nylon Head Nasal SwabDisposable Flocked Nylon SwabTX758 Cleanroom Polyester SwabSmall Industrial Foam Tip SwabDisposable Open-Cell Foam SwabRectangle Cleanroom Foam StickCompatible Foam Cleaning SwabsGeneral Purpose Cleaning SwabsEco-friendly Cotton Buds SwabsFace Mask For 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Foam SwabOpen-Cell Sample Collecting SwabFree Samples Compatible Foam SwabRectangle Cleanroom Foam Tip SwabCleanroom Open-Cell Foam Tip SwabSamples Small Cleanroom Foam SwabCleanroom Dust Free Foam Tip SwabOpen-Cell Rectangle Foam Tip SwabLint Freer Knitted Polyester SwabHigh Cleaning Rectangle Foam SwabRound Head Sample Collection SwabFactory Wholesale Price Foam SwabDirect Selling Flocked Nylon SwabHeads Foam Swab with Double HeadsGreen Long Handle Foam Swabs fromWith Double Heads Cleanroom SwabsOpen-Cell Spiral Pointed Foam SwabHeadset Cleaning Pointed Foam SwabSmall Head Cleanroom Foam Tip SwabRigid PP Stick Cleanroom Foam SwabBlack Handle Printer Cleaning SwabDouble Heads Printer Cleaning SwabWholesale Cleanroom Polyester SwabOpen-Cell Sponge Head Foam Tip SwabHigh Absorbency Cleanroom Foam SwabElectronics Cleaning Swab Foam SwabDouble Rectangle Heads Printer SwabGeneral Purpose Cleanroom Foam SwabWholesale Compatible Polyester SwabFactory Foam Swab with Black HandleStick Lint 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